Jimmy John’s Field

This new minor league ballpark opened in the spring of 2016. We handled all facets of operations up to and after launch. 

On the front end, we sourced and designed concession carts to comply with the existing electrical infrastructure. We collaborated on the engineering of a draft beer system. Our team developed a robust and intelligent logistics plan for receiving deliveries. We handled all the bureaucratic red tape, securing a food service license with the health department and a liquor license with the state. As opening day approached, we oversaw the purchasing and installation of all kitchen and food service equipment. 

We also engineered all the fun stuff: curated menus for premium suite holders, created unique pockets of entertainment and brand activations throughout the ballpark like a Kansas City smoker BBQ and a Tito’s lemonade stand, and created a beer list working with sponsorship partners. 

We took care of complex logistics: handling visas for new employees and all of the difficulties of running a food service operation that did $50,000 in game-day sales. The state-of-the-art 4,500-seat park is home to four USPBL teams and continues to work with Parker Grant.