Midland Brewing Company

In 2015, Midland Brewing Company faced an uncertain future. But local philanthropist and businessman Dave Kepler saw potential in the brewery, situated along the Pere Marquette Rail Trail, as a community anchor. Kepler purchased the brewery, retained the founders, and brought us on to help from concept to grand opening. 

We created the menu; Curated the entire dining experience: from glassware and wood serving boards to audio visual design and merchandise; Staffed up the operation, including finding and relocating proven on-site managers; Handled all the small, bureaucratic details of a restaurant, so ownership didn’t have to. We also took care of all the unsexy stuff that goes into opening a new operation: payroll, brokering vendor agreements, forecasting sales and expenses, creating staff incentive programs, point-of-sales, providing weekly KPIs, and staff mentoring. 

Kepler and his team had a strong and singular vision for how Midland Brewing Company could serve as an anchor and community hub for years to come. Through a collaborative partnership focusing on every detail, we helped them achieve that goal and ensure future success.

“While my team was focused on rebuilding our beer brand,” Kepler said. “We brought David and Grant in to lead the effort to build out the restaurant—and they helped us create a destination.”