Parker Grant


Hospitality execution at any scale.

Parker Grant is a catering, consulting, and events company. We specialize in project-based consulting, event management, and experiential design. Our projects range from restaurant development and stadium concessions to corporate gatherings and curated event design. We approach every project strategically, from an exclusive evening in our Social Space to a plated black tie fundraiser.

With a national network of event planners, design savants, executive chefs, and industry veterans, we'll bring your vision to life.

David Parker and Grant Kosch founded Parker Grant in 2019.

Project-based consulting

We approach each individual project strategically, whether we’re developing and designing a new restaurant concept or building out a world-class entertainment venue. We have decades of experience working front-of-house, back-of-house, and as owner operators—but we look at the experience, from entry to exit, through the customer’s eyes.

We like purpose-driven engagements that build and brighten communities. Our network moves seamlessly from a boardroom to a VIP suite. And we’re always thinking of a solution beyond serving food and drinks.
Simply put: we provide our clients with a roadmap for success that allows them to evolve in ever-changing hospitality climates.


We offer full scale Private Chef and Server Assistant hospitality at home. Our tried and true P/G Signature Team Members are eager to serve and share the P/G Signature Hospitaity at Home difference. Designed to help and elevate your in home dining experience.

We also ship nationwide our P/G Signature Items. Chef prepared foods and complete meals are packaged in our state of the art cold packaging technology to ensure the highest quality upon delivery. These items can substitute an entire day of grocery shopping for your party or provide the perfect complement to your event needs.

Curated Event Management

We’re a one-stop shop to bring your event vision and experience to life. Whether you’re hosting a corporate VIP reception or an intimate dinner with thought leaders and celebrities, we’ve got you covered.

Our planning process starts with the purpose of your event. Once we have an in-depth understanding of your goals and dreams, we plot out the theme and event space. When it comes to food and beverage, we take everything into consideration.

Our network of event planners and experiential designers stretches across the country, ensuring the right fit for your specific needs. Where other event planners have their specific uniform approach and aesthetic, Parker Grant works alongside our clients to ensure your event is a singular and memorable experience.

The Social Space

Hosting and entertaining is the beating heart of the Parker Grant ethos, and our flagship Social Space showcases the Parker Grant way. An 1850s Victorian-era home in the heart of downtown Rochester, Michigan, The Social Space is an event space, creative hub for young professionals, an R&D lab for Parker Grant, and a gathering place for our clients and the greater Detroit community. Think of it as a networking space where you can come in and build a community—or join the conversation with an inclusive group of industry upstarts.

You can host an offsite brainstorming session for your company or an exclusive cocktail hour for your staff and longtime clients. The Social Space is where we get to show off what we do best: have fun and entertain.

P/G Signature Hangouts

Now introducing Parker Grant "signature hangouts". Delivered right to your door is a no contact- curated meal kit designed for you. Inside our carefully packaged box is a recipe guide along with hand picked, fresh ingredients needed to make your meal a success. You will also receive instructions on how to log in to your live cooking class guided by our expert Virtual Event Host. Here, you will get to learn about your dish and the ingredients along with how to properly prepare for your meal.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or this is your first tme, your event host will take you step by step through our cooking process and answer any questions you may have. Our Signature hangouts are available for corporate happy hours, private gatherings, date night for you and your partner, or they can be given as gifts to a friend or loved one.